Red Carpet Facial in a Box


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What it is: A must-have treatment that gives you glowing, red carpet-ready skin in the comfort of your home.Who it's for: All skin types.What it does: The secret is in its formulation, which is a combination of masterfully blended AHAs, creating a uniquely intelligent exfoliation system. When applied to the skin, the peel's effervescent sensation works to deeply steam cleam the pores, dissolving impurities. With regular use, skin becomes clearer, brighter and more refined. The final step, the Polish Mask, injects a powerful blend of deeply hydrating ingredients. Skin is rejuvenated.Peel includes:- Step 1: Peel- Step 2: Neutralizer- Step 3: Polishing Mask- Brush- Mixing BowlHow to use: Begin with clean, dry, cool skin. Squeeze just enough of Step 1: Peel into the bowl and use the brush to apply a thin layer until your face is evenly wet. Avoid the lip and eye area. Leave on for 1â€"3 minutes. Depending on your skin type, you may or may not feel a tingling sensation as cells respond. While your peel is on, quickly rinse and dry your bowl and brush for the next steps, using only water. Apply Step 2: Neutralizer directly over the peel with the brush, working it into the skin to activate a subtle fizzy sensation and deep pore cleansing. Depending on your skin type, you may or may not feel a quick flash of heat as you apply. After 30â€"60 seconds, remove any excess residue from the peel and neutralizer by gently patting the skin with a damp washcloth. Finally, apply an even layer of the mask with your fingers or the clean brush. Massage vigorously into skin. Let activate for 15 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water.
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