Pure African White Ivory Shea Butter 50Lbs Premium 100% Natural Virgin RAW Organic Grade A Unrefined Ghana Skin Beauty Care Face Body Hair Scalp Non GMO Karite by GREENandORGANIC


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100% PURE 50Lbs Shea Butter packed in a BPA Free poly bag. Item may be shipped in more than one packages. AUTHENTIC REAL AFRICAN SHEA BUTTER COLOR: White / Off white / Light Yellow / Ivory / Beige (we NEVER add anything to maintain a consistent color or smell of the butter. That's why color or smell may vary From batch to batch) Looks may vary. Natural Shea Butter varies in its hardness or softness based on season and harvest.OUR Extra-Ordinary Shea Butter is Obtained from the Shea Butter processors in the villages of Ghana through a cooperative society of the villagers. Produced in the nature from 100% organically grown trees. Fair Trade 100% Pure. No additives. No other ingredients Virgin Grade AA Highest Quality AMAZING USES of REAL RAW SHEA BUTTER Shows amazing healing for Eczema, Psoriasis, dermatitis, sunburn, athlete's foot. Makes skin firm and gives a glow to look younger and fresh. Relieves stretch marks and skin rashes and skin allergies. Evens skin tone. Anti-inflammatory Properties provides pain relief from swelling and arthritis. Reduces razor burns and shave- bumps. Hydrates and protects the scalp. Conditions and revitalizes damaged dry and processed hair. Helps prevent weak hair from breaking, fading, or thinning out. Helps rid the scalp of dandruff. Soothes baby's skin, even cradle cap. Eliminates diaper rash. Please NOTE: At times, shea butter may come grainy or gritty due to NATURAL process of fat crystallization in RAW shea butter. This is Normal. Just warm up gently and it will be smooth to use.
100% Pure Natural Organic White African Shea Butter Grade A Unrefined RAW 50Lbs Shea packed in BPA free polybag