V-Shape Filling Eye Balm


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The unique texture is lightweight like a gel yet rich-feeling like a balm, creating a highly concentrated formula that replenishes skin's volume around the eye area while erasing undesired puffiness. 5 ingredients to treat 5 parameters of the Dermis Matrix + specific firming ingredients to enhance volume, tighten and provide density. Vitamin C - Antioxidant that protects the skin structure Cocktail of Peptides - Stimulates cell renewal and cell proliferation to reduce wrinkles Densi-Derm - Ensures good cohesion between fibers and ground substance Fibro-Boost - Boost the production of Collagene l, Collagene lll and Elastin G.A.Gs Boost - Helps to boost the production of GAGS by bringing elements necessary for them to function
Filling Eye Balm