Time Response Targeted Eye Masque


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This targeted masque, formulated with concentrated Advanced TIME RESPONSE Serum and First Harvest Green Tea Cell Water to help promote skin renewal and diminish wrinkles, instantly targets the delicate eye area and areas of the face most prone to signs of damage. Bio-Cellulose adhesive increases the efficacy of the masque.Green Tea Cell Water instantly awakens skin, helps accelerate skin turnover and diminishes wrinkles.Bio-Cellulose adhesive increases the efficacy of the masque. Usage: Remove protective mesh from either side of eye masque. Apply one sheet under each eye or use on forehead or chin. Adhere masque by patting gently and leave on for 10-15 minutes. Massage remaining serum from sachet over the entire face. Use as final step in skincare regimen, once per week for four Concentrated Advanced TIME RESPONSE Complex TM instantly improves tone, moisture and resilience of skin.8 applications inside 4g x 16
Set of 8 Masks