SK_II R.N.A Power Radial New Age 50 g, sk2 by For mom, from Japan


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New R.N.A POWER CREAM brings you the next level of firmness - lengthwise-crosswise firmness from every angle - for a moist glowing look after 10 days*. In just one day*, this moisturising cream gives you firmness from every angle. In 10 days*, signs of ageing skin diminishes so that skin becomes firmer, smoother, tighter, and more radiant. After one jar*, fine lines appear less defined. Use in tandem with the essence to get the full effect of PITERATM and Radical New Age Complex. Embrace a future of youthful beauty. * conducted by Interface Lab © in Akita/Japan in March, 2014 among 33 Japanese Female age from 30-55. For many years now, SK_II has been the go-to solution for women in search of beautiful and crystal-clear skin, and its new R.N.A. (Radical New Age) Power boutique, carries that promise up to another level by tackling one of the biggest banes of aging-skin laxity. Formulated with the brand's latest innovation in anti-aging, the patented Pitera X R.N.A (Radical New Age) Complex technology, the R.N.A Power Radical New Age targets all the 10 known telltale and surefire signs of aging, right at the control centre in the skin, and from all angles. This powerful moisturising cream effectively banishes your existing problems such as enlarged pores and wrinkly, dull skin, providing visible results in just one day. Use it for 10 days and you'll find that the firmness you gain back is relatively faster than that you have lost over the past 15 years. What's more? The velvety-smooth cream also comes with a light, olive fragrance that will leave you smelling and looking good.
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