Refurbish Master Massage 31″ MontclairTM Portable Massage Table Package with Memory Foam Layer, Shiatsu Cables, Reiki Panels! (Black Color)


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Table Specifications Size: 31" x 84" (W x L) Height: 24" - 34" (adjustable) Weight: 40 lbs. (table only) Support Weight: 1,500 lbs. Foam: 3" MEMORY FOAM & Exclusive Small Cell Foam (Higher Density than normal foam) Please Note: This table looks LIKE NEW, the minor defective does not affect the use of this product. All "MD" products may have only 1 or 2 minor defects listed below): Small Defect Painting Marks on Vinyl Cannot Heat Small Vinyl Tear Missed Accessories All the "MD" products are all have a great quality and products can still be working perfectly. And we can highly promises that all the "MD" products have never been used before. Our goal is to offer these minor defect products to our valuable customers, but please pay attention that for all "MD" products we won't accept Return or Refund and NO warranty. If you have any functional problems of products, please inform us within 48 hours of your receipt of the product, we will try our best to solve all the problems as soon as possible. Description: Our 31" Montclair is a luxurious, extra wide, portable massage table enhanced with MEMORY FOAM!
The 31" Montclair boasts construction qualities that have made it the massage table of choice for both certified massage therapists and at home bodywork enthusiasts. No matter which type of bodywork you prefer, practice, or study our 31" Montclair is the ONLY portable massage table you'll ever need! The Montclair represents the brand of reliability and LUXURIOUS comfort that Massage Specialists have learned to expect from Master Massage Equipment!