Niegeloh Topinox Imantado Zip L Pedicure Set For Thick Toenails


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Looking for the best nail clippers that will trim thick toenails with ease and blades keeping their sharpness instead of tearing nails? Solingen pedicure set Imantado Zip L by Niegeloh is a real smart €œmonster"when it comes to cutting thick toenails. Expertly-made to meet rigid requirements of Solingen engineering it features the best Solingen nail clippers (8 cm) heavy duty nail nippers (13 cm) and long handle toenail scissors (10.5 cm) that cut nails evenly in just a few easy clips. Topinox stainless steel , Niegeloh's best in professional quality is world-renowned for keeping its sharpness thanks to special tempering process which results in a very hard material similar to world's best knives which cut beautifully throughout the years of use. No matter how thick your nails are Topinox nail tools are designed to trim thick nails smoothly and effortlessly , time after time. Secured by a zipper the elegant leather case protects the blades from damage and rubbing and ensures the pedicure set gives you years of outstanding service. And the collection of tools makes it a great nail kit not only for toenails but for fingernails as well with a nail file and a nail cleaner included in the set. Manufactured by Niegeloh Solingen Germany. Family tradition since 1936.   Niegeloh Solingen is the world leader in producing the highest quality manicure and pedicure instruments distinguished by workmanship design and function. Products made by Niegeloh Solingen are known for their ultimate quality and innovative approaches to manufacturing. When you buy a Niegeloh Solingen manicure tool you buy the best of the best quality that lasts and performs beautifully on nails.