Natura Bisse Diamond Drops, 0.8 fl. oz.


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An exclusive shield with a light texture and multiple-action protection that guards our skin against harmful environmental aggressors. A unique product with traditional formulation, it creates a true protective veil for your skin. Delivers intense hydration that lifts and seals the surface of your skin. The final, ultimate step to finishing your beauty ritual. - Artemia Salina extract creates the energy necessary to stimulate cellular metabolism. - Triple-helix Marine DNA Concentrate is responsible for stopping free radicals, fighting their harmful effects and restructuring skin cells. - CHP-4 complex, with botanical origins, has an extraordinary ability to retain water. - Betaglucans activate your skin's defense system. Founded in Barcelona, Spain, in 1979, Natura Bisse has been a leader in innovating and developing the highest quality face and skin care products. Natura Bisse works to guarantee maximum quality, research new formulas and create the best service for their customers. Especially Suited For: All skin types
Diamond Drops - 25ml/0.8oz