Linda Parelli Natural Skin Care Complete Starter Kit containing Cleanse, Nourish, Smooth, Plump and Boost


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Kit includes five products designed to restore radiance and softness to your skin. When you want to make a significant change to anything in your life, you need to commit to the whole recipe. For example; with horsemanship in the Parelli Program, if you only do six instead of all seven of the Seven Games, your results are compromised. It's no different with skin care. Keep it simple! With two products you use twice a day, and two that you alternate, and a weekly exfoliant, there are just three steps to do in the morning and at night that take only a couple of minutes: Morning: 1.Cleanse 2.Plump 3.Nourish Night: 1.Cleanse 2.Boost 3.Nourish Cleanse your skin twice a day, using Daily CLEANSE (which is an essential oil infused water-soluble oil) all over your face, eyelids, eyelashes and neck. Wipe away the environment's dust and residue, and all your makeup, with the lovely soft mousseline sponge. In the morning, increase moisture retention by applying PLUMP all over your face and neck before you Nourish. It is a pure, microfine hyaluronic acid that reinforces the essential fatty acids of your skin cell walls so they stay full and plump with moisture instead of withering as they lose it. Then NOURISH, with all its luxurious 'non-greasy' oil to make sure your skin feels supple, soft, and protected. I put my makeup on just 2-3 minutes after applying Nourish, that's how amazing this formula is. It doesn't disappear into your skin (those things don't work) but at the same time it is not greasy. Even better, you can use two to three times as much at night and really slather it on! At night, apply Night BOOST after you cleanse - for the first five nights, to improve your skin vitality and decrease pigmentation and wrinkles. Every Sunday, SMOOTH your skin with gentle exfoliant. Watch Linda use Cleanse
Linda Parelli's Complete Skin Care Starter Kit