Dermalogica Age Smart Super Rich Repair 4oz Prof Fresh New


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Instantly replenish chronically dry, dehydrated and prematurely-aging skin with Super Rich Repair - Dermalogica's most intense, super-concentrated moisturizing cream designed to: Nourish skin with critical hydration and lock in vital moisture Restore skin elasticity and tone while minimizing the appearance of fine lines Defend against environmental assaults that cause the visible signs of aging Super Rich Repair is a technologically-advanced formula designed to combat dry skin caused by the normal aging process and external conditions like sun and pollution that can accelerate dryness, dehydration and the visible signs of aging. Beginning with the first application, Super Rich Repair reinforces skin's natural protective barrier, locking in moisture to relieve the driest, most sensitized skin conditions, restoring strength to weakened, damaged skin and defending against future environmental attacks. Super Rich Repair can be used on the face, neck and around the delicate eye area, and can be used as a spot treatment on dry patches caused by harsh weather climates.