Beautederm Beautè Set Premium Pack


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A high quality skin care set effective in anti-ageing, whitening, acne, freckles and blemish control for all skin types. It diminishes pimples, acne scars, melasma darkspots or any skin problems. Proven safe and effective. See results in as early as 7 days. Set comes with easy to follow instruction. Inclusion - TRAVEL PACK - 75g Papaine Soap 50ml Day and Night Toner 5g Day Cream 5g Night Cream 1 (Whitening) 5g Night Cream 2 (Moisturizing) 5g Night Cream 3 (Anti-aging). TRIAL PACK - 150g Papaine Soap 60ml Day and Night Toner 10g Day Cream 10g Night Cream 1 (Whitening) 10g Night Cream 2 (Moisturizing) 10g Night Cream 3 (Anti-aging). REGULAR PACK - 150g Papaine Soap 60ml Day and Night Toner 20g Day Cream 20g Night Cream 1 (Whitening) 20g Night Cream 2 (Moisturizing) 20g Night Cream 3 (Anti-aging). PREMIUM PACK - 2pcs of 150g Papaine Soap 120ml Day and Night Toner 50g Day Cream 50g Night Cream 1 (Whitening) 50g Night Cream 2 (Moisturizing) 50g Night Cream 3 (Anti-aging).
Exfoliator, Whitening, Moisturizing, Anti-aging Skin Care Set