Amorepacific Makeon Skin Light Therapy MO-ST001 / Home Skin Care Devices / International Version


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First, blue mode-moisturizing Second, yellow mode-face gloss Third, red mode-elasticity Simple and smart instructions "Touch sensor: Sensor only works when sensor touches the face. You can use it around the eyes because of validated by IEC 62471(photobiological safety)." "A button: Each click changes the mode. Each mode operates for 3 minutes and the power is automatically turned off. Total mode can operate blue/yellow/red for a minute separately." "Charge: If you charge 2 hours, you can use it more than 30 times. You can charge by using micro USB charger for cellular phone. " How to use After cleansing, you can put any lotion enough. "You can turn on this product by pressing the button for a long time until hearing beep sound. You can choose the mode which you want. Whenever you press the button, mode change blue-yellow-red-total care in this order. " "Put skin light therapy on your face and massage your face like sliding. Start with each chicks like broad one and forehead, nose, chin. You can move it freely. If you use it on your chin and neck upwardly, it's more effective. " After 3 minutes, it's over automatically. You can put more cream to Moisturize/calm down. It's finish. You can keep it after cleaning it.